Rad Review: Secret of the Ooze Donatello, Raphael, & Michelangelo Action Figures

Rad Review: Secret of the Ooze Donatello, Raphael, & Michelangelo Action Figures

TMNT Classic Collector Movie Series get the review treatment, at least 3/4 do

So by now you have been searching your local Walmart for the Secret of the Ooze movie turtles  (yep, exclusive to Wallies). You may or may not have found these but that goes with exclusives territory. I managed to pick up Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo during a trip recently which was quite the surprise. One thing to note (at least for my store) was that it seems like there are only 4 turtles per case, though I could be wrong. Supply is not meeting demand in this case.

So what’s the deal? More movie turtles huh? Yep.

I know I wanted Classics Krang and Shredder too! Come on Playmates give us the goods. Regardless of wish fulfillment this is what we got so let’s take a look.


These are more of the same, but with some extras.

You have seen these before, the body mold and articulation is all the same from the last set of movie turtles. What they did manage to bundle in is a bunch of extra heads (3) and some movie specific accessories. Remember the toy store scene where Donny pretends to be a mannequin? You can recreate it with the bundled in Nerf bat! Cowabunga.

Those extra heads though…don’t get too excited.

There is maaaaaybe one or two that actually look good. The rest run pretty goofy IMO. So if you are amped up for sweet new head sculpts calm yourself as this is not what you were hoping for. The standout of the three is Donatello who has one really good head, and if you remember the previous goof version it is a big improvement. Mine came with a weird mark on his nose though which was a bummer.

Check out the photo gallery below for some side by side pics of the turtles and their accessories.


  • Unique skin colors for each turtle to match the movie
  • Accessories and bonus heads
  • The standard (and great) articulation
  • Another chance at the movie turtles


  • Inaccurate head sculpts that can frankly just look bad (or hilarious)
  • The same molds as the previous movie turtles
  • Weak limbs and a top heavy frame makes the turtles very hard to pose
  • Walmart exclusive, rather hard to track down at the moment