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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Overload

Have we reached critical mass with TMNT merchandise?

It takes a lot for me to say this but has the TMNT merch machine jumped the shark? It is a fair enough question in 2016 with the Nickelodeon cartoon still humming along, a banging IDW comic flying off shelves (with crossovers), and a 2nd big movie hitting theaters at this very moment. Of course we are seeing an all out marketing blitz.

But is it too much?

As a big TMNT collector it goes without saying I appreciate all the great stuff we are getting. There is literally something for everyone right now. Dig the comic series? Go check out the newly released “Mutants in Manhattan” game. Into the Nick cartoon? You literally have dozens of options in every medium. Old school your thing? Pick up some rad Mega Bloks sets.

The problem is that there is such a saturation of “stuff” at the moment that a fan can easily be overwhelmed. It seems like every month something new is being announced and at every price point, for better or worse. The obvious stuff is out there. Playmates has the ground covered with every variety of turtle they can come up with. But what else?

A whole lot actually.

Let’s break down some of what has been available the last 2 years or so in terms of toys:

That there is an expensive shopping list. A lot of these are incredibly limited such as the upcoming SDCC limited NECA arcade style sets. $200 a pop on eBay right now. Ouch.

What do you think? Have you been overwhelmed with the rush of stuff coming out?


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