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Turtle Power Documentary Volume 2 in the Works

Fauxpop Media has announced the follow up to their successful TMNT doc

Exciting news to say the least! The guys a Fauxpop have announced a second TMNT-focused doc which dives into the modern renaissance of the TMNT through TV, movies, comics, and toys. Details are relatively scarce at the moment but a FB page has been created with production photos and some updates which you can check out here. Here is what they have to say about this new doc:

Turtle Power Vol. 2 is the follow-up film to FauxPop Media’s first Definitive History, which was released to great success by Paramount Pictures in 2014. This second volume will take a closer look at how the Turtles have gone from “happy accident” to smash hit all over again by taking you behind the scenes and Nickelodeon, IDW and more!

Needless to say we should all be super excited to see what this new doc has in store.

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