Toyfair 2017 Playmates Toys TMNT Reveals

Toyfair 2017 Playmates Toys TMNT Reveals

All the new stuff from Toyfair (Ninja Bunnies!)

Another Toyfair come and gone. More Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for us to eagerly anticipate for the coming year. What was revealed and what was reviled.

Ninja Turtle Samurai Series Including…Usagi Yojimbo!

These actually pretty solid. The armor on the turtles and overall look is quite good but I don’t expect to see that level of quality in the end results unfortunately (Playmates track record isn’t great).

On the other hand we are getting a new Usagi! One of the best characters that frequents the TMNT universe makes his debut in the Nick series. Excited for this one even if he doesn’t look nearly as good as the picture above.

Monster Hunder (Undercover) Ninja Turtles

Sure they call these guys “monster hunters” but we all know what they really are, undercover.

Classic Bebop and Rocksteady Repaints

Well…I guess this is cool? Knowing how much Playmates skimps on paint though is worrying. This seems like a customizer project.

New 2017 Universal Monsters TMNT

Okay now these are something to get excited about! The original releases many years back were so fun so to get some new versions is really fun.

  • Vampire Raph
  • Mummy Leo
  • Zombie Don
  • Wolfman Mikey