NECA toys reveals new cartoon style TMNT box sets that include the turtles and the Foot Clan

This incredible 8-pack of cartoon accurate TMNT goodness comes our way from the pros at NECA Toys and is a SDCC exclusive set much like the much loved arcade sets from 2016. The set is boxed in a fantastic vinyl case just like you remember from 25 years ago, but better!

The four turtles, two foot soldiers, one bad Shredder, and Krang in walker come in the set and are sure to sell fast, even at $200 a pop.

$200 Preorder in June

Good news! The set will be available to preorder on the NECA website in June and can be shipped to you, so no SDCC attendance necessary. Fans of these should follow the NECA Toys Twitter for the final release date.

Images courtesy of The Fwoosh