SDCC 2017 Ninja Turtles Reveals

SDCC 2017 Ninja Turtles Reveals

Compiling all the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles news from SDCC

SDCC is here once again and every fan from every niche is salivating over what could be behind our favorite producers curtains.

This will serve as a catch-all for TMNT related reveals and announcements coming from the show. Check back as the con rolls along.


NECA has been on an absolute roll with the TMNT brand releasing a special SDCC box set as well as the amazing 1/4 scale movie turtles. Let’s take a look at what they have in store for us this upcoming year:

TMNT Movie Baby Turtles Set

This 4-pack from NECA gives us baby versions seen in the 1st Ninja Turtles movie flashback complete with pizza and pork rinds.

SDCC-2017-NECA-baby turtles set

Raphael in Trenchcoat (1/4 scale)

First off to be clear this is a full figure with accessories and not just an accessory pack. That means those of us with Raph already are doomed to potentially buy him again. We want accessory packs NECA!

SDCC-2017-NECA-raphael trenchcoat

Life-Size Casey Jones Mask

More movie goodness but this time you get to be Casey.

SDCC-2017-NECA-casey jones mask

TMNT Movie Ooze Canister Prop

You saw it over and over in the 1st few movies and now it can be yours (plus ooze!). Going to be hard to resist this one.

SDCC-2017-NECA-ooze canister

Granitor, General Traag, and Slash (video game editions)

Following their successful box set we are getting some of the best from Dimension X in video game styling. This is also the first toy version of Granitor, which is very cool.

slash granitor traag neca toys

Playmates Toys

Ghostbusters/TMNT Crossover

Following the WWE/TMNT crossover characters seen recently we are now officially getting a full fledged Ghostbusters/TMNT crossover set from Playmates Toys.

ninja turtles tmnt ghostbusters toys

Playmates SDCC Exclusive Usagi Yojimbo Set

Limited to a sparse 350 units this exclusive was scooped up before most had a chance. You can now find it for sale in the $300-$500 range. Nice work Nickelodeon for not ordering more.


What we didn’t see at SDCC 2017

There were some things noticeably missing from the show, some of which many of us were anticipating. For me most notably it was the complete lack of presence of the SH Figurarts Shredder. The 4 turtles were released late last year and early this year and are absolutely some of the most well made toys I have owned (diecast pieces!). With no visibility at SDCC this year it could potentially mean they pulled the plug on this great looking figure, which would be unfortunate and added to the list of unproduced TMNT stuff.

Overall the amount of new stuff for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles universe was scarce. While NECA is absolutely killing it with some of their exclusives their hands are tied when it comes to selling 6″ figures at retail and are focused in on the movie versions.

Nickelodeon is on its final season of the 2012 animated series (with a more kid friendly version planned to follow) so the potential for a lot of new stuff coming from them beyond the anticipated “monsters” versions is bleak.

It is worth mentioning Muckman, who has been in demand for some time, seems to be incredibly rare at retail and may end up being the Scratch of this line (Usagi may be a close contender).


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