TMNT: Rise of the Hater Nerds

TMNT: Rise of the Hater Nerds

Much like anything in pop-culture, nerds have to ruin shit for everyone, or so they try.

Let me be clear, I am a huge TMNT nerd through and through. I grew up on the classic cartoon in the early 80’s and then throughout a good part of the 90’s, but what about the COMICS?? Yes, yes they were great but before my time ultimately.

Anyway let’s cut to the chase, Rise of the TMNT from Nickelodeon, the brand spankin new cartoon series. At this point we have some animation art and a glimpse at the new toys with a little story sprinkled throughout. Cue people losing. Their. Shit.

Raphael is…THE LEADER?!”

The art style isn’t the SAME AS BEFORE?”

Splinter looks DIFFERENT?”

“Raph doesn’t have SAIS!

Seriously, people are acting like they were announcing a new “Coming Out of Their Shells” tour. Rage, rage, rage.

But here’s the thing folks of a certain age…

This shit isn’t for you. Nope.

We just ended one of the greatest periods of being a TMNT fan ever, a huge resurgence in popularity. We had an excellent cartoon series, some strong (and weak) toys, 2 new movies like em or hate em, a new IDW comic, and bunch of other really awesome stuff. Also let’s face the facts there was a lot to love for old and new fans alike. The thing is these properties need to evolve, to stay fresh and relevant.


We can’t have the same story be told endlessly and keep the TMNT relevant, this isn’t “Spiderman”. A new generation of kids want something new and exciting and sometimes that means taking some risks with a property, for better or worse. This especially true coming off a popular run like the one we just had, it’s just marketing.

And it may totally suck, but… It may be totally rad!

My only advice is don’t base all of your judgements off something you have yet to experience. A few still images are not enough to make or break a series. A huge number of people were poking holes in the 2K12 series and we ended up with something really above and beyond what we could have asked for. Give the show a shot (or don’t but please, chill out).