Top 10 Nickelodeon TMNT Action Figures

Top 10 Nickelodeon TMNT Action Figures

Now that the Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles series has ended, who tops the list of best action figures?

Caped Shredder

A few key points as to why this version of Shredder just destroys the alternate version that was released…

ONE. Removal helmet. Hell yes.

TWO. Cool cape! Tattered and beaten for extra points.

THREE. Solid sculpt and articulation. Sort of a must.

Tiger Claw

Not just a cool character from the show but with kudos given to Playmates, a solid toy. Sure his articulation is relatively limited but he has a gun and holster. This one nails its cartoon counterpart.

Basic Foot Soldier

It is so easy to overlook the staple of the series, the lowly basic Foot Soldier. Not great in the articulation department (see a theme here) but for anyone looking to build a Foot army this toy is a solid release.

Dire/Dark Beavers

Okay, okay. Multicolored monster Beavers with jack for articulation. But then again, multicolored monster beavers.

Wolfman Michelangelo

The entire monster series is really a perfect endcap to the toy series, but the standout is definitely Wolf Mike. Modeled rather closely to a certain teenage Wolfman, this toy just excels in just about every aspect.

Usagi Yojimbo

Usagi, a perennial favorite, was done so well in toy form this time around. Articulated, sculpted perfectly, and swords. So well done.


In a rare stroke of genius Metalhead was sculpted to be sized appropriately in toy form. Also I just really like Metalhead in all forms. Robot turtle? Yes please.


This guy is a perfect representation of his cartoon form, so well done.


One of the most requested from fans, Karai was done right. She fits in perfectly with the toy line and is very well done top to bottom. For a few years there I was worried she would be pushed aside for more turtle variants but luckily I was wrong.

Basic Turtles

Controversial thing to say but i’m saying it, the best turtles ever released. Ever. Just perfectly done and I absolutely love these guys.

Honorable Mentions

Casey Jones

This one just barely missed the list. Casey is a great toy but his giant accessory clip attached to his back ruins an otherwise great figure.


Unlike the lackluster and immobile Rocksteady, Bebop is a solid toy with enough articulation to get by. Also that boar head looks pretty cool.

Mutagen Man

Always a favorite, this floating blob is a lot of fun, especially filling his container with goo. His body is a bit awkward though and makes battling turtles a tad more difficult.