Super7 TMNT Series 1 Review

Super7 TMNT Series 1 Review

After what seems like years Super7, makers of fine collectibles such as the previous Masters of the Universe lines, released their first series of TMNT action figures. Round 1 included Raphael, Splinter, Baxter Stockman, and a Foot soldier.

Looking to save a few dollars and never sure of my purchases I pre-ordered from Big Bad Toy Store and waited…

and waited…

and waited.

Then one fine day that big box landed on my doorstep.


Yep, Super7 puts time and effort into their packaging, maybe a bit too much . These things have a slipcase with a unique emblem on each, they went all in. Great for those of us who like to keep our toys imprisoned for eternity.

super7 baxter stockman packagin


You’re not going to be disappointed for the most part on these. They really gave each figure its own unique set of accessories and extra hands that make sense to the character.

Most of these are throwbacks to the originals but you will find some new and unique stuff like the greatest accessory of all, Splinter’s steaming tea cup.

master splinter super7 action figure

Raph comes with Raph stuff and of course no Foot Soldier is complete without its menagerie of bludgeoning tools that they never used in the original cartoon.

The Figures

Here they are, the wait finally over!

The anticipation of getting these reaching a crescendo as plastic and cardboard fall to the floor. The sounds of tearing tape and squeaky plastic layers fill the room. Free at last!

At first glance in-hand these look good, nice sculpts with a retro aesthetic. Thank you for catering to us 30-somethings we appreciate it. Raph looks pissed so mission accomplished.

Cool, cool. These guys look good. Paint seems to be solid, that’s a good sign. Knees bend, shoulders turn, head swivels, elbows…

super7 tmnt action figure frozen elbow joint photo

Elbows frozen in place. Welcome to hell.

Yeah. Raphael and the Foot Soldier both suffer the same fate on the exact same arm, the type of sweat inducing nightmare collector’s dread.

Locked joints.

I am not going to sugar coat this one but, I was and am pissed off about this. I expect this from other notorious toy manufacturers who offer their products at 50% the cost, but a premium $50 action toy mega release figure? No way, especially not on 2.

I fired up the trusty heat gun and blast their joints in a most specific way as to not melt these overpriced pieces of trash. Raph comes free, I didn’t even melt him so big win here.

super7 foot soldier joint problems

The Foot Soldier isn’t so lucky. Heat, cool, bend ever so slightly. Nothing. Rinse and repeat and I know that damn peg is getting weaker and weaker and I am furious.

Even as I write this Mr Foot goon is stuck solid. I would love to say this experience hasn’t soured me from the new Super7 line but I would be remiss to do so.

Update: Big Bad Toy Store credited my account for the Foot Soldier, which was exceptional customer service. Preorder from them!

Those $50 Toys, Are They All That?

They aren’t, and I’m tired of it.

I have become so disillusioned in the whole high end collector figure market. I have grown tired of toys that cost so much and deliver so little. I am sick of having to warm up joints and pegs and ever so carefully having to do physical therapy on these things that I feel like I should be getting paid.

This is the definition of madness, collector madness. We buy the same toys over and over expecting a different result. We are left with anxiety and disappointment and whole lot less money in our wallets.

That’s why I am over it.

I am over NECA and trying to just buy the damn things only to get them and have sloppy paint and locked up joints almost every single time. I know they really try, but I don’t want to stop at every local Target and Walmart in 50 mile radius in hopes that I can just buy a repainted 2-pack.

I am disappointed in Super7 but I should have known better. Ever since I bought glistening plastic He-Man who looks like he was about to walk out into a bodybuilding competition. The difference is Super7 charges double what NECA does and usually is around 6 months late to ship things on average.

So that’s it folks. I could go into depth here and take pictures of every single nuance of every single figure and you can ignore 90% of it at best, but the takeaway is that this new collector’s market that toy companies are pumping nostalgia through is hallow and weak and preys on our lust for childhood that we will never get back.

trash from collectors action figures
Also can we work on the amount of trash these things produce? This is nuts.