How To Quit A Toyline

How To Quit A Toyline

Or How I Came To Quit Collecting NECA Products

I know half of you reading the headline above are instantly unsure about this post, but hear me out.

First off I need to acknowledge that NECA does make some fantastic products. Their sculpting is top notch and without a doubt some of the best in the business. They also have been able to give us not only some never before seen products (looking at you General Tragg) but also bring horror fans some of the best options out there. They make it happen.

So why quit?

NECA is really bad at quality control, like really bad. At this point any collector of NECA products has the expectation that something may be wrong with their product, let me elaborate.

It’s Not Arthritis, It’s Stuck Joints

There is a good chance that if you collect NECA products you have encountered stuck, frozen, seized, or otherwise wonky joints at some point. This is the crux of their quality control problem and something that has been plaguing them for years. It’s one thing to experience this in a very rare occasion but in the case of NECA fans have come to expect this. The fact of the matter is that some fans have even taken to writing full guides on how to free up stuck joints.

My personal experience has been one of frequent heart break. I have had no less than 6 figures with 1 or more stuck joints in the past few years within the TMNT line. 6 is too many, 6 is too frequent for any toy company. I have grown tired of boiling and otherwise heating these stuck joints in hopes of freeing it without further damage.

NECA, you have been in this business for far too long to keep letting this plague your customers. Be better.

The Paint Is Sad

Yes, the paint is indeed sad. NECA paints their figures head to toe with varying degrees of success. Perhaps yours with come with wonderfully executed eyes while someone else has a version where each eye is looking in a wildly different direction! Eyes straight ahead, it’s that simple.

And while paint applications can be hit or miss, the fact that the paint is of a quality where even the simplest flexes in the plastic will result in cracking, brittle paint that is just a damn shame to see. Case in point, DiaperGate.

As seen above the Rat King has a flexible man-diaper that requires some flexing for posing the leg. The plastic is able to accommodate the movement but the paint, the paint just can’t handle the pressure.

Customer Service Just Doesn’t Care

Unfortunately NECA customer service is just not able to make it right, but good on them for sort of trying. Countless people have reached out replacements on their broken parts, backwards limbs, and missing items to no avail. Pity, as you would think they would have these replacements at the ready given their track record.

In The End, Vote With Your Wallet

No one is obligated to support something they do not believe in or is not living up to expectations. I found myself turned off by NECA products over the last several months in a gradual disinterest in purchasing their products. What started out as a highly anticipated line has fizzled to a dull interest at this point. If it isn’t the endless hunting for these toys it is the disappointment when I open them that seals it for me.

If you enjoy NECA products and don’t mind the QC issues then you shouldn’t be swayed by this. I speak for my own collecting habits and that I acknowledge when something has gone sour and no longer resonates as being fun or enjoyable.

NECA, I hope one day to return as a customer but today I think we need to separate.