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7 Places to Hunt for Used TMNT Toys

Whether you are searching for basic stuff to fill your collection or things a bit more “intriguing” with a little work and a lot of luck, you can find buried treasure. 1) Goodwill and Salvation Army Stores/Online The definition of hit or miss lies within these stores and unfortunately 98% of the time it will […]


Crooked Ninja 5 Years Later

Looking back on 5¬†years of mediocre blogging 5¬†years of this blog/website/junkheap seems like a such a long time in the post-blog era we are living in. Starting this website was just a passion project riding the coattails of other awesome blogsites like Branded in the 80’s and Top Hat Sasquatch but slowly picked up some […]


Toyfair 2017 Playmates Toys TMNT Reveals

All the new stuff from Toyfair (Ninja Bunnies!) Another Toyfair come and gone. More Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for us to eagerly anticipate for the coming year. What was revealed and what was reviled. Ninja Turtle Samurai Series Including…Usagi Yojimbo! These actually pretty solid. The armor on the turtles and overall look is quite good […]


Amazon Deals on Classic Ninja Turtles Mega Bloks Sets

Get some killer deals on some TMNT Mega Bloks sets via Amazon Mega Bloks has been putting out some incredible building sets as of late but the real icing on the cake is the minifigures! From Krang in android body to Rock Soldiers there is something for every fan, new and old. Check out some [...]