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  • TMNT Retro Collection Touchdown Leo and Skateboarding Mike

    2 additional Ninja Turtles retro collection toys quietly announced It appears that Playmates quietly announced 2 new retro TMNT toys to be added to the Bebop and Rocksteady wave hitting stores now. Touchdown Leo and Skateboarding Michelangelo now appear in the collectors area of the Playmates website. Be on the lookout at your local Toys […]

  • Toy Fair 2015 Half Shell Heroes

    Pixel Dan has a great run down of all the TMNT Half Shell Heroes for 2015 A look at all the great new figures and vehicles coming down the pipe for the Ninja Turtles Half Shell Heroes line!

  • TMNT Classic 6″ Krang and Shredder Cancelled

    Krang and Shredder got shellshocked Through a brief convo on Twitter with Pixel Dan info surfaced that the TMNT 6″ Classic Collection Krang and Shredder have been cancelled as of right now. Dan was at Toy Fair so he has first-hand knowledge of what is going on with Playmates via their reps present so I take his […]

  • Revoltech Nickelodeon TMNT

    >> Check out the Leonardo Revoltech review here! *drool* Seriously look at these things they are amazing. News around the turtleverse indicated we will have a set of Revoltech TMNT coming our way. Details are super slim but the pictures say it all. Unbelievable articulation, cartoon accurate, extra heads, bases, hell there is even a pizza […]

  • Ninja Turtles Movie Toys Revealed

    Summer Ninja Turtles Toys Pics So here we have them, the new Ninja Turtles movie toys in all of their glory (or not). Judging from the pics we are not going to have very articulated figures and well the designs speak for themselves. Have a look at the gallery and chime in with your thoughts […]

  • Nickelodeon event at MTV: TMNT toys

    Half Shell Turtles! Credit: Alternative Mindz

  • TMNT Movie Toys Revealed

    First image of the new TMNT movie toyline and a better look at their new costumes. Mikey looks…oh boy I lost my words. Source: Cowabunga Corner

  • Ninja Turtles Movie Poster Leaked

    Source: Ninja Pizza Thanks to @brutal2d for the info!


    Some of the Series 2 TMNT Lego sets revealed! Update! All 4 boxes revealed! Thanks to Your Friendly Neighborhood JMan for the heads up! We now know of some of the second series of Ninja Turtles Lego sets slated for next year. They include: Karai Escape Bike (79118) – $14.99 The Chamber of Mutation (79119) – […]

  • Cool & Collected the Magazine

    THE magazine for pop culture collectors. UPDATE: Goal Reached! Join the Kickstarter for this rad mag before it is too late! Brian over at Cool & Collected has begun a Kickstarter for his dream magazine, and the ours as well. Remember Toy Fair magazine from the 90’s and early 2000’s? Think about that but with […]