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  • Super7 TMNT Series 1 Review

    Super7 TMNT Series 1 Review

    After what seems like years Super7, makers of fine collectibles such as the previous Masters of the Universe lines, released their first series of TMNT action figures. Round 1 included Raphael, Splinter, Baxter Stockman, and a Foot soldier. Looking to save a few dollars and never sure of my purchases I pre-ordered from Big Bad […]

  • Hands-On Review: First Gokin Oroku Saki AKA The Shredder

    Hands-On Review: First Gokin Oroku Saki AKA The Shredder

    First Gokin’s 2nd release with the Turtles fiercest foe. For those of you unfamiliar with First Gokin they are a 3rd party collectibles company that previously released the Android Krang figure (review of that here) which in short is an excellent toy overall. They continue with the new release of Shredder or as they title […]

  • Rad Review: Secret of the Ooze Donatello, Raphael, & Michelangelo Action Figures

    Rad Review: Secret of the Ooze Donatello, Raphael, & Michelangelo Action Figures

    TMNT Classic Collector Movie Series get the review treatment, at least 3/4 do So by now you have been searching your local Walmart for the Secret of the Ooze movie turtles  (yep, exclusive to Wallies). You may or may not have found these but that goes with exclusives territory. I managed to pick up Donatello, […]

  • Rad Review: First Gokin Krang

    Rad Review: First Gokin Krang

    Behold Krang in all his android body glory! Ever since 1992 when the first Krang in android body was released we TMNT fans have been eagerly anticipating the be-all-end-all update to this incredible toy. Behold, First Gokin Krang!   A Masterpiece (for a price) Let me just say that this is the Android Krang we have […]

  • Rad Review: Revoltech TMNT Leonardo

    The Revoltech Ninja Turtles have arrived and they are fantastic! I was on the fence about these guys, after all dropping a wad of dough to the tune of $60+ a piece is a hard pill to swallow. I managed to get a decently priced Revoltech Leo used and let me tell you the price […]

  • Rad Review: TMNT Comic Book Raphael

    Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic-styled Raph This review will be a bit different and not quite a brief as previous entries. Why? Well let’s just say there is something about this new series of turtles that deserves some attention. One of the worst TMNT figures. Ever. The comic styled turtles had so much promise. […]

  • Ninja Turtles 2014 Movie Review

    First off I need to state that I am leaving the prior TMNT movies at the door. I won’t be making comparisons for the sake of looking at this movie objectively. With that being known and for the sake of people with short attention spans let me say this: Casual fans will love this movie, […]

  • Rad Review: Slash (2014)

    The new releases for the Nickelodeon TMNT series are hitting stores alongside the movie releases. Included in this release, Slash! Raph’s pet turtle mutated into a giant enemy of the turtles. MSRP: $8.99 Released: 2014 Rarity: Hard to find (at the moment) Decent articulation (for a Playmates toy) Paint applications that are better than some 2nd […]

  • Rad Review: 2014 Movie Raph Basic Figure

    The new movie is nearing its premiere and the toys are hitting the isles. It is safe to say fans are divided on this new take on the TMNT. This isn’t about fan anger though this is about toys! Let’s get to it. MSRP: $8.99 Released: 2014 Rarity: Common (at the moment) Decent articulation (for […]

  • Rad Review: Playmates Mouser 7-Pack

    TMNT Mousers 7-Pack The first thing that needs to be known is why on earth I waited so long to open these? Seriously this is the release TMNT fans have been eagerly anticipating for about 25 years. Sure we got the vintage Playmates Wacky Action Mouser which was very cool in its own right but […]