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  • Rad Toy Review: Turtle Sub (2014)

    Nickelodeon TMNT Turtle Sub Rad Review MSRP: $19.99 Released: 2014 Rarity: Common Relatively cheap price point Included scuba Donatello figure which fits inside the sub Launching missile and opening sub mouth Weak paint applications and no included stickers Hollow insides with no sculpting Too darn small Conclusion: While a fun and inexpensive toy for the […]

  • Crooked Ninja Review: Lego TMNT Shellraiser

    Lego + TMNT = fun for all. We all knew this as soon as the news hit in the middle of last year. Lego sets are simply fun for all ages and splash in a TMNT theme for a brick-tacular good time! After watching Amazon like a hawk for weeks the first few sets were […]

  • Crooked Toy Review: TMNT Metalhead

    Figure Line: TMNT (Nickelodeon) Series: Wave 1.5 Name: Metalhead, sewer-built robotic turtle ally Accessories: Hand-missile Ahh yes the elusive Metalhead! After seeing the bare isles of the local Toys R Us and Wal Mart it was Amazon (of course) who came to the rescue. Metalhead is part of wave 1.5 of the Nick TMNT series […]