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  • Kidrobot + TMNT = Hell yes

    Kidrobot lands TMNT license. Nerds rejoice! Via their Instagram feed Kidrobot teased their new line of rad vinyl toys. Some detective work by fans revealed a whole lot more include blind box goodness and large scale Bebop and Rocksteady! I am ecstatic at the news of these. Images courtesy of spankystokes

  • New TMNT Zip Line Playsets

    Zip line playsets coming soon (or now)! I don’t know how this got outside my toy radar but these TMNT zip line sets look incredible! Spotted on toyshopuk’s website and have been rumored to be currently for sale at Target these sets mount on your wall and as the title indicated can be used as […]

  • Sears Wishbook 1992: Turtle Power Edition

    Sears Wishbook 1992: Turtle Power Edition

    1992 Sears wish book, chock full of turtle goodness. Born before 2009? Then you probably know all about wish books whether it was from JC Penney, Sears, or Toys R Us. They were spectacular. These were the go-to for your master Christmas gift list, red marker for circling and all. 1992 was a hell of […]

  • TMNT New Vehicles Revealed

    Thanks to K-Mart we get a peek at the new TMNT Turtle Sub and Grass-Kicker lawn mower These cool new rides for the Turtles will be coming our way soon. K-Mart let the images slip on its product page but they are not yet available for order. The sub comes in at $19.99 while the […]

  • SDCC 2103: TMNT Toys!

    SDCC TMNT Toy Reveals Its San Diego Comic Con time and with that a bunch of companies revealing their upcoming products and news! So what did Santa SDCC bring us this year? A lot! First lets look at one of the most exciting portions for TMNT news, toys! Lot of great stuff coming our way […]

  • The Most Fun Vehicles From the Ninja Turtles Toy Line

    TMNT Need a Good Ride Too! For every great action figure there must be an equally awesome ride.The vintage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle line is no exception. Kids of the late 80’s and into the 90’s had some pretty spectacular choices when it came to vehicles to get their figures from point A all the […]

  • From the Mailbox: Ninja Turtle Prize Pack!

    Some of you be aware of a little social media site called Twitter (paging @crookedninja) and the loads of fun you can have on said social network. Last week I was following the OFFICIAL Nick TMNT Twitter handle @TMNTmaster which was doing some random trivia for fabulous prizes! Long story short I answered one correct and […]

  • Crooked Toy Review: TMNT Metalhead

    Figure Line: TMNT (Nickelodeon) Series: Wave 1.5 Name: Metalhead, sewer-built robotic turtle ally Accessories: Hand-missile Ahh yes the elusive Metalhead! After seeing the bare isles of the local Toys R Us and Wal Mart it was Amazon (of course) who came to the rescue. Metalhead is part of wave 1.5 of the Nick TMNT series […]

  • Death of a Turtle. The Life and Times of Stretch Michaelangelo

    Those of us who own the Stretch series of turtles (and Shredder) from the late toy line may know this story. The stretch turtles have a serious weakness, dry skin. Without proper moisture the stretch turtles seem to develop holes in their rubber appendages and ooze (excuse the pun) to DEATH. Some history on my orange bandana wearing […]