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  • League Assigment: SPIES!

    Went with undercover Don on this assignment, seems spy-like enough! Always one of my favorite figures from the vintage TMNT line. Here is what other League of Extraordinary Bloggers posted for “Spies”: Spy tech toys over at Fortune and Glory (Days) Vintage 60’s spy flicks by AEIOU And Sometimes Why Big robot spies at Random […]

  • TMNT Classics Series 2 Bebop and Rocksteady

    It’s true! Playmates has confirmed that series 2 of the TMNT Classics line will include Bebop and Rocksteady. This is great news for fans of the dumbfounded duo of the vintage series. Read more about it over at Toy News International: You can also head over the Playmates webpage to see the silhouettes of the […]

  • More 2013 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toys Revealed?

    Found this via fellow tweeter @TheReigner. Seems that a Wal-Mart computer is showing some upcoming releases in its database complete with prices! Now if this is legit and accurate it is great news for TMNT fans, but one should always take this type of news with a grain of salt. Have a look at the […]

  • Crooked Ninja Review: Lego TMNT Shellraiser

    Lego + TMNT = fun for all. We all knew this as soon as the news hit in the middle of last year. Lego sets are simply fun for all ages and splash in a TMNT theme for a brick-tacular good time! After watching Amazon like a hawk for weeks the first few sets were […]

  • Mini Papercraft by Gus Santome

    Had to post this incredible papercraft website. Gus Santome’s site Mini Papercraft has some CRAZY good papercraft and the icing? TMNT all the way. Not just TMNT though you can download the Party Van. Check his site for more awesomeness.

  • League Assignment: Merry Geekmas!

    Merry Geekmas everyone! The photo above captures the essence of Christmas for me; toys, Rankin/Bass, trees, and the holly jolly spirit. More Leaguers spreading Geekmas joy: Adamotomy has the greatest sweater ever wornToyriffic is N’SyncShezcrafti has turtle powerWhatever I Think of hears music

  • TMNT Lego Sets at Toys R Us Now Available

    Just to let everyone know you can now get all the TMNT Lego sets at the Toys R Us website shipped to home! To make it a bit sweeter their current promotion includes $25 off a $100 purchase of Lego, so that makes up a bit for their inflated prices. Get em before they’re gone! […]

  • McDonalds Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toys

    That’s right the TMNT will be arriving in Happy Meals everywhere next month. You can check out the McDonalds website and click “Next Happy Meal” for the early look. From the sneak peak they look well, a bit off. If they just didn’t have shrunken-head syndrome the posed figures would actually make for cool little […]

  • Happy (late) Thanksgiving

  • League Assignment “What If..?”

    This weeks League of Extraordinary Bloggers asks What If? A crooked ninja has to ask “What if Wolverine just died?”. Now anyone who knows anything about comics is that Wolverine is basically un-killable. He has been dismembered in so many ways, fried, bakes, sautéed, submerged, thrown into space, steam rolled, and really any way a person […]