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  • New 2013 TMNT Toys Revealed!

     A whole LOT of toy news for Ninja Turtle fans like myself came out today via Toys News International ! Baxter Stockman! Sewer Alley playset! New Turtle Comm! New vehicles! Yeah I am excited ok. Anyway take a look at all the fresh photos and get ready for early 2013. Also some news about a certain […]

  • Lego Magazine TMNT Ad

  • League Assignment: Jumping the Shark! (Hollywood)

    This weeks League of Extraordinary Bloggers assignment asks “At what point did a pop culture series jump the shark and lose your interest?“. In this bloggers mind one thing really comes to mind when you say “jump the shark” and that thing is… Yep, Hollywood and in particular the movie industry. In the last decade or so […]

  • The Beast Shoppe MOTU & TMNT Posters

    Had to mention these great posters of talented artist Christopher Lee. Not only does he lend his great style to the TMNT toy universe but also the MOTU toy universe! Needless to say I am getting a print of both of these. Go get em here along with tons of other great pop culture artwork!

  • Pizzaface Doodle

    With some time on my hands last night I broke out the sketchbook and sketched one of the more odd vintage TMNT toys to have come out, PIZZAFACE!

  • Crooked Toy Review: TMNT Metalhead

    Figure Line: TMNT (Nickelodeon) Series: Wave 1.5 Name: Metalhead, sewer-built robotic turtle ally Accessories: Hand-missile Ahh yes the elusive Metalhead! After seeing the bare isles of the local Toys R Us and Wal Mart it was Amazon (of course) who came to the rescue. Metalhead is part of wave 1.5 of the Nick TMNT series […]

  • League Assignment “What fictional town, time, or world would you want to visit?”

    Hill Valley Year 2015 This weeks League of Extraordinary Bloggers assignment, what fictional place would you visit? Heavy. So why not take a trip TO THE FUTURE with Marty McFly and doc in the good old stainless steel DeLorean?! There are many reasons to take a trip to the fictional future of a fictional town […]

  • Lego TMNT Announced

    It’s all true! The TMNT license has expanded to the Lego brand. Breathe in the possibilities coming our way with Lego making TMNT sets. One of the first pics up above has a great Shellraiser Street Chase Set and a bunch of Lego minifigs to get any fan pumped. $60 gets you the set. How […]

  • League Assignment “State of the Site”

    This week for the League of Extraordinary Bloggers we were asked to post a “state of the site” addressing our own personal website. Well that is a bit tricky since the Crooked Ninja Turtle Gang is only about a month old in blog form, but that won’t stop us! Right now it is going great! Meeting a lot […]

  • This Weeks League Assignment: Halloween Costumes

    Halloween. A time of goblins, ghosts, candy binges, and costumes! Up above, yeah thats me in 1988 in my homemade Batman costume. It wasn’t the greatest or the most flashy but hey the bat symbol was glow-in-the-dark and I had Batman high top sneakers on. This weeks assignment from the League of Extraordinary Bloggers asks “what was […]