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  • Episodes 1 and 2 of Nick TMNT Now Available!

    Well the time has come, the first 2 episodes of the Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toon has aired and it was…well..Cowabunga! Want to see for yourself? Check out these links to catch them online: TMNT Episode 1TMNT Episode 2 So, what did you think?

  • NIckelodeon Metalhead SPOTTED in Wild

    Nick Metalhead spotted on eBay! Thats right, Metalhead! Very excited for this figure. Person selling on eBay says he found it in a local WalMart. Also @pixeldan has tweeted that people are spotting TMNT wave 2 at Toys R Us. I suppose Mattel was not far off when they said the second series would hit […]

  • This Week on League of Extraordinary Bloggers…

    This weeks assignment from the League of Extraordinary Bloggers is simple: How would you destroy the Death Star? Well friends and foes this is nothing but a question of giant vs giant, Andre vs Hogan, Godzilla vs King Kong. So in crooked ninja fashion here is our simple 4 step process for ridding the comsos of that […]

  • Death of a Turtle. The Life and Times of Stretch Michaelangelo

    Those of us who own the Stretch series of turtles (and Shredder) from the late toy line may know this story. The stretch turtles have a serious weakness, dry skin. Without proper moisture the stretch turtles seem to develop holes in their rubber appendages and ooze (excuse the pun) to DEATH. Some history on my orange bandana wearing […]

  • What is This?

    You may be wondering, what is this blog? The idea has been in limbo for some time but now it has come to pass. This is a blog dedicated to things of a nerdy variety whether its nostalgia, video games, toys, cartoons, movies, or comics. I have things I want to share and this is […]