Crooked Friends

Some of the Crooked Ninja Turtle Gang’s favorite places and people on the web:


Branded in the 80’s

Retro-tastic posts on all manner of 80’s things curated by @Smurfwreck

Top Hat Sasquatch

Geek culture & nostalgia in a nice package @tophatsasquatch


One of the most comical sites on the web with a good serving if nerd POP @shezcafti

Cool & Collected

Home of the fabled League of Extraordinary Bloggers @cool_collected

POP Rewind

Newly branded site that have been pushing out some great content @PopRewindOnline

William Bruce West

This guys posts and tweets are gold @williambwest

Rediscover the 80’s

The title says it all! @Rediscoverthe80s

The Holidaze

Like the Holidays? Who doesn’t! This blog celebrates it 24/7 365! @holidazeblog

Garage Sale of Awesome

Like free giveaways? This website hooks you up and then some.

Pop Pop It’s Trash Culture

Like oddball and obscure? Hit this blog up for a solid dose plus rad giveaways!


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